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About Ageless Regenerative Medical

Ageless Regenerative Medical

The most profound influences on your health are the cumulative effects of the choices you make about your diet and lifestyle. Over 80% percent of the signs of aging and disease are caused by your lifestyle behaviors. At Ageless Regenerative Medical in Nashville, Tennessee, our team, led by Dr. Nicholas Sieveking and Jan Stanley, RN, MS, focuses on a set of principles that empower you to make those critical lifestyle choices needed to not only look young but also feel young and live longer - a beautiful benefit of our providers being aging skin doctors.

Our mission is to deliver quality care based on compassion and clinical excellence to patients who want to optimize their health and achieve an individualized age management solution. We take an integrative approach to functional and regenerative medicine and pride ourselves on being a leading Regenerative Treatment Center in Tennessee. Treatments are individualized to meet patients’ needs and monitored closely to evaluate outcomes accurately and effectively.  

Functional medicine evaluates the root causes of disease using a whole systems approach based on genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors. Most importantly, it is an individualized partnership that is developed between the patient and practitioner.

Regenerative medicine, an emerging branch of medical science, deals with the functional restoration of tissues or organs for the patient suffering from severe injuries, chronic disease, or for those wishing to improve their overall health. The progress in this field of research has laid the foundation for cell-based therapies of disease which cannot be cured by conventional medicine. The human body can heal itself and fight illnesses through its immune system. Regenerative therapies infuse cells to replace damaged ones as well as initiate growth factors to restore tissues and organ functions.

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