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Patient Success Story


At Ageless Regenerative Medical, we strive to provide hope and improved quality of life for our patients through our innovative, state-of-the-art therapies. Sharing positive outcomes and patient stories supports the importance of that goal and our continued clinical progress. Read the testimony below provided to us by one of our patients, a retired NFL player, who had a remarkable journey with us.

Testimony Q&A

1. Since you began your patient journey in late December 2021 with Ageless Regenerative Medical (ARM), how much weight have you lost? How did you change your diet to accomplish your goal?

Since I began my journey with ARM I have lost about 65 lbs and I’m down about 85-90 from my heaviest post playing weight. I went all in with the plan that was formulated for and avoided as many sensitivities as possible as much as possible, so I was gluten free, dairy free, avoiding corn and a few other foods that are used in everything it seems. Once you find out what to avoid and what brands you can trust it’s easy to get a rhythm.  I look and feel decades younger, well at least that’s what I’m being told about how I look.

2. Have you experienced any other medical improvements since initiating your treatment plan such as cholesterol and/or glucose levels?

Yes my entire blood panel looks more like someone who is my age or younger and not ten years older.

3. Did you receive supplements, peptides or IV infusions during the last few months to accompany your diet changes? What was your experience with those? 

I did go on a full schedule of supplements and also did some peptides as well. The supplement plan was tailor made for my deficiencies. My experience with the supplements and the peptides have been phenomenal. I haven’t felt this great in years and I have ARM to thank for jump starting me.

4. Have you experienced any improvement with the degeneration in your back or knee? If yes, what part of your treatment plan aided in this outcome?  How is your current range of motion?

I have experienced improvements in the day to day pain associated with my injuries. The structural damage is still present but with my hormones and igf-1 levels being better, the inflammation being about completely gone from my body, and also the weight loss, my joints are just a lot happier. Range of motion is better, I have a better fitness level and I don’t fatigue as easy so that aids in my ability to rehab those areas.

5. Have you experienced any improvement in energy level, motivation, concentration and/or memory issues?

My energy levels have been fantastic, I wake up most days and read my Bible and train at 5am and then I roll all day. My ability to keep up with my kids and to work my property has also improved. My wife loves how fast I get the ‘honey-dos’ knocked out now. I never realized how much the gut played in to every area of your life.

6. How would you rate your experience with the clinical staff at ARM?

I have absolutely loved everyone there, they feel like family, I have recommended my wife and my friends and I shout from the rooftops about what they’ve done for me.

7. Would you recommend Ageless Regenerative Medical to your family and friends?

I already have and will continue to.

C.W., Retired NFL Player


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