Boosting Your Immune System With IV Therapy

iv therapy in nashville

If you are experiencing low energy despite adequate sleep, good eating habits, and moderate exercise, it may be time to consider additional options to help support and boost your immune system.

Improving your energy can be done in a way that is both natural and good for your body. Today, intravenous (IV) infusions deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your gastrointestinal tract entirely. Even if you didn’t realize it, this type of IV therapy may be able to give your body the boost it’s been craving through the addition of these vital nutrients. 

At the Ageless Regenerative Medical in Nashville, Tennessee, our team led by Jan Stanley, RN, MS, and Nicholas Sieveking, MD, offers a wide variety of IV infusion therapy to replenish the nutrients your body needs and increase energy levels.

Read further to learn more about this exciting treatment option.

Intravenous wellness

During an IV infusion therapy treatment, an IV needle is inserted into your arm that is connected to an IV bag filled with a blend of nutrients that has been customized for you. You can sit back and relax for 25-40 minutes while the energizing fluids flow directly into your bloodstream. 

The nutrients it delivers are vital for your cells, and the fluid also keeps you hydrated. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a wide range of micronutrients that your body needs to support whole-body wellness.

An optimal IV protocol for you

We have several different IV mixtures we have custom-designed to produce different outcomes, depending on your physical needs. We provide IV infusions that fight stress, counteract jet lag, and enhance focus. There are also many combinations of nutrients that promote a healthy heart, brain, liver, nails, skin, and hair.

If you’re an athlete, we can also give you a pre-athletic IV therapy designed to help you excel during intense physical activities.

Natural is best

Our infusions are all made with natural nutrients and no toxins or otherwise dangerous substances. Many of our patients tell us they’re immediately energized and have an increased sense of physical well-being as soon as their treatment is completed. 

Following a review of past medical history for any pre-existing health conditions, patients can proceed with nutritional IV infusions.


Once your IV infusion therapy session is complete, you can immediately resume your daily activities with no downtime or recovery.

Our nutritional IV infusion therapy at Ageless Regenerative Medical can help you feel increased energy, clarity, and focus. To set up a consultation, call our practice to set up your appointment today.

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