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Bone marrow transplants were one of the earliest forms of regenerative cell therapy, but advances in medicine go well beyond this original treatment. Today’s technology allows experts to harvest and use the body’s natural healing cells to treat your injuries and diseases. Led by Nicholas Sieveking, MD, Jan Stanley, RN, and the team at Ageless Regenerative Medical in Nashville, Tennessee, carefully screen each patient to determine if they’re a good candidate, then they recommend regenerative cell therapies such as amniotic stem cells and exosomes. To learn more about this innovative treatment, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Regenerative Cell Therapy Q & A

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How do stem cells support regenerative cell therapy?

From the moment of conception and throughout your lifetime, stem cells thrive inside your body. Each stem cell has the unique ability to self-replicate, dividing as often as needed to create new stem cells. Then the new cells differentiate (develop) into muscles, nerves, organs, bone, skin, blood, and every type of tissue your body needs.

If you suffer an injury or develop a disease, stem cells repair and rebuild the damaged tissues. As cells in your body naturally age and die, stem cells replace them by regenerating new cells.

As you get older, however, this natural regenerative process slows down. If you suffer a severe injury or extensive disease, your natural stem cells might not be able to keep pace with the damage.

In both cases, receiving amniotic stem cells gives your body the boost it needs to heal more quickly and overcome age-related changes that slow down the regenerative process.

What are amniotic stem cells?

Amniotic stem cells come from healthy women who have volunteered to donate their amniotic fluid after having a cesarean delivery. The medical and social history of each donor is carefully screened. Then the donated amniotic fluid goes through purification and testing to ensure it’s safe to use in regenerative cell therapy.

Amniotic fluid contains numerous cells that activate healing, including stem cells. These stem cells have the potential to regenerate many types of tissues, from your heart, lungs, and kidneys to muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones.

How do exosomes support regenerative cell therapy?

Exosomes are tiny sacs packed with biochemicals, including DNA, RNA, and proteins. Cells throughout your body communicate by releasing exosomes. Then the exosomes trigger the cells to perform specific activities.  

Stem cells do more than self-replicate and regenerate. They also release exosomes that activate growth factors and accelerate healing activities in the surrounding cells. Ageless Regenerative Medical also offers exosomes as part of their regenerative cell therapy. 

Am I a candidate for regenerative cell therapy? 

ARM follows a strict protocol to determine whether each patient is a good candidate for regenerative cell therapy. Every patient will undergo a full medical history evaluation to determine their candidacy before being approved for treatment. 

To determine if your loved one may qualify for ARM regenerative therapy, it is necessary to ask some medical questions. If your answers show that you or your loved one may be a candidate for this treatment, your information will be forwarded to our physician team so they can contact you.

To determine if you are a candidate for regenerative cell therapy, call Ageless Regenerative Medical or request an appointment online today.